In the family for over a century!

La Fruitière des Perrières was established in Les Gets at the beginning of the twentieth century.


Initially, farmers gathered there to bring their milk. The milk was then processed into cheese and redistributed to the farmers. It was only later that they began selling and marketing the cheese.


In the 50’s, Raymond Monnet became the cheesemaker at La Fruitière. The manufacture and sale of the cheese was done in the same place as the current store.


In 1992, following the establishment of European standards, a new dairy was built.  It was at this time that the old cheese-ripening cellars were transformed into a restaurant, L’Auberge de la Fruitière des Perrières.


Today the daughter and grand-daughter of Raymond Monnet are delighted to welcome you to La Fruitière des Perrières!

The term "Fruitière" means a cheese dairy in Haute-Savoie, Savoie and in the Jura.

It is where the milk is turned into cheese.